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CMP Hot List 2018

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Feb 09, 2018 No Comments

Enza Venuto – listed on the Canadian Mortgage Professional’s Hot List of 2018

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New Stress Test Regulation

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Jan 27, 2018 No Comments

Learn about your options, how you can take control, and be prepared for your next mortgage renewal or refinance.

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Time For Your Annual Financial Check-Up

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Jan 27, 2018 No Comments

A review of your real estate investment portfolio, your goals, and opportunities for building wealth by acquiring more properties.

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CMP Women of Influence 2017

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Jul 02, 2017 No Comments

Enza Venuto – selected as one of Canada’s top 50 women in the Mortgage Industry – CMP Women of Influence 2017

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Lender Classifications

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Jun 01, 2017 No Comments

There are three types of lender classifications: “A Lenders” Traditional Lenders – chartered banks, credit unions, and virtual mortgage houses, “B Lenders” Alternative Lenders & “C Lenders” Private Lenders

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What is an RRSP mortgage?

InTouch Mortgage Solutions May 29, 2017 No Comments

An RRSP mortgage is a private mortgage agreed to between two parties. Similar to how banks lend money, an RRSP is able to lend money secured on title, by a mortgage on a property. RRSP holders with accumulated funds can lend RRSP funds to other parties for an attractive return.

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Understanding Your Credit Score

InTouch Mortgage Solutions Nov 14, 2016 No Comments

A mathematical algorithm is used to determine credit scores based on several criteria reported by your creditors, lenders and service providers, including late payments, current debts, length of time an account has been open, types of credit, number of searches made on your credit file, and new applications for credit.

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