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Time For Your Annual Financial Check-Up

Jan 27, 2018 InTouch Mortgage Solutions Mortgages No Comments

A review of your real estate investment portfolio, your goals, and opportunities for building wealth by acquiring more properties.

The start of a new year marks the perfect time to take a good look at your real estate investment portfolio. Similar to having an annual health examination, it’s important to review and understand how your investments have performed, if and how the current market conditions and regulatory changes will impact your long-term goals, and whether it makes sense to refinance or use any untapped equity (from your properties or RRSPs) to purchase additional properties. Of course, in some cases, the best option may be to stay-the-course and not make changes at this time. However, the best real estate investors know that accumulated equity should not sit idle – it should be utilized whenever possible – to reinvest in additional properties as a means of building greater wealth.

Investors are not all alike – and some will be more aggressive about growing their assets than others. Speaking with a financial advisor will help the advisor understand your needs, long-term goals, and appetite for growth, and help you understand the best approach to acquiring more properties and the funding options available to you.

Within the next few weeks, you will receive your annual mortgage statements and your T4 income statement. With these two pieces of information and your real estate investment portfolio, we can assess your financial situation and property investments to determine your borrowing power. We
will provide you with a real estate investment strategy and sound lending advice, so you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed. If the decision is made to purchase additional properties, our team will position the deal to get you the money you need – and will
have you ready for the Spring market.

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