InTouch Mortgage Solutions

Mortgage Agent

Linda Bellisario


Linda Bellisario joined In Touch Mortgage Solutions as a Mortgage Agent in May 2019.

Prior to joining the brokerage, Linda was employed with a window and door manufacturer, who had over 35 locations, province wide. Her role was to oversee daily operations in every department at the Corporate Head Office, including customer service, setting sales targets, commission structure and payouts, and lead generation.

During her 30 year employment with the company, Linda developed a finance department with effective finance plans for the customers who made a purchase that could not fit into their current budget.

Through her innovative development of this department, Linda put financial programs into place offering their customers easy and affordable payment plans with minimal interest fee’s . She obtained a relationship with both banks and trust companies and implemented a system where all applications, approvals or declines channeled through the Company Head Office , highly focused on satisfying each and every applicant.

The department Linda created currently employs over ten staff members, with increased overall sales of 30% in a three-year development term.

With her strong foundation in business and finance, Linda has been successful in her current role as a mortgage agent. She has a clear understanding of her customer’s needs, and is able to provide them with a mortgage suited for their criteria with ease.