InTouch Mortgage Solutions

Mortgage Broker - License# M12001469

Anthony Venuto


Anthony Venuto is a Mortgage Broker at InTouch Mortgage Solutions.  He has over 14 years of experience in the financial industry, of which 7 years were focused on mortgages. In addition to personally underwriting mortgages for his clients, Anthony is focused on business development, external communications, and he continuously strives to improve customer experience.  Prior to launching InTouch Mortgages Solutions, Anthony was a broker at Centum Streetwise Mortgages. He began his career in finance at one of Canada’s top five banks where he had an opportunity to work in various areas, from the bank’s VISA department to credit, and client services, which allowed him to gain a firm understanding of credit; procedures and financial protocol, all of which provide him with stellar client-based work ethic.  Anthony is an Ontario Certified Teacher since 2011, training he continues to apply when communicating complex mortgage strategies – in a simplified manner.


CMBA (Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association)
MPC (Mortgage Professionals Canada) – Accredited Professional