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CMP Hot List 2020
CMP Hot List 2020
By intouch
February 12, 2020


Anthony Venuto has more than 16 years of financial industry experience, the last nine of which have been focused on brokering mortgages. He began his career at one of Canada’s Big Five banks, where he gained a firm understanding of credit procedures and financial protocol, preparing him to segue into mortgages. What sets Venuto apart from most brokers is his training as an Ontario Certified Teacher — skills he uses to communicate complex mortgage strategies in a simplified manner. He has achieved significant success as a broker by staying focused on doing what’s best for his clients and giving them advice for long-term success. “It’s important to understand each client’s situation and needs, as well as the various lenders’ products and lending criteria to determine the best solution,” he says. “If you put your clients’ needs first. success will follow.” In addition to providing excellent customer service and underwriting and managing the mortgage process for his clients, Venuto is dedicated to improving the Centum InTouch Mortgage Solutions brand and building greater awareness through social media.