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Looking for a good realtor?
Allow us to introduce you to one of our expert realtor partners. A top-notch realtor can make a huge difference in the outcome of your purchase.

If you are already working with a realtor, that’s great news. You’re off to a great start…and well on your way to finding the perfect property!

Why create a Realtor+Mortgage Partnership?
Have you ever told someone about a fabulous new restaurant you went to recently? If you’re like most of us, you refer your friends and family to a product, service, or place where you’ve had a positive experience. The business world is no different, we like to refer our clients, friends and families to our trusted partners and peers in the industry. Partners that we know are qualified in the field – will respect our client relationships – work in the best interest of each client – and provide excellent customer service.

Are you a Realtor?
We believe good partnerships lay the foundation for long-term success!

There are many benefits to becoming a referral partner, however, this partnership may not work for everyone. Some professional may have completely different mindsets or goals, or may not work well together. For this reason, we are selective about who we partner with.

It’s much more than a referral program
In addition to building a rewarding referral business, we help you grow your business through effective marketing, brand awareness, lead generation, and client networking events. Working together, our Realtor+Mortgage Partnership program will raise the bar on the client experience through the entire real estate buying process.

If you’re a top-notch realtor and believe you are a good fit with InTouch Mortgage Solutions, contact a member of our team to learn more.