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Helping clients navigate for the best outcome

Divorcing Couples

Helping clients navigate for the best outcome

Going through a separation or divorce is a stressful, emotional, and physically draining experience. Your world is changing, the future is uncertain – and you’re faced with having to divide all your assets, including your home. Where will you live? What can you afford? Will you qualify for a mortgage on your own?

Seek the advice of a mortgage professional early in the process to learn about your rights and all options available to you.

Protect your credit

In some cases, finances can spiral out of control during a divorce, especially if it’s a nasty divorce. Take steps to protect your credit score so you can get the funds you need to move forward. Any joint debt must still be paid regardless of who spent the money or your credit will suffer.

We can help with sound lending advice on the right mortgage options for your situation, with the best terms and rate.

Cheers to you for a bright new beginning!

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