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Building wealth through Investment Properties

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Building wealth through Investment Properties

Buying one or more Investment properties is a great way to generate rental income and build wealth over time. If the property is rented, the rental income could greatly reduce or cover the entire monthly mortgage payments. Ideally, the rental income will continue to pay down the mortgage and build equity, and the buyer will also benefit from the long-term appreciation in property value. If you are considering building a portfolio of one or more investment properties, we can help you get the money you need – with the best possible mortgage type, terms, and rate.

What you need to know

An investment property mortgage is different from a traditional mortgage. It’s customized based on the intended use of the property being purchased. Will it be an owner occupied property, a rental property, or perhaps a vacation home?

  • If you will not be living in the property, you must have a down payment of 20% of the purchase price
  • Investment properties (1-4 units) can be financed up to 80% of the purchase price
  • If you plan to live in the property, with tenants in part of the property, you may qualify for an owner-occupied rental mortgage which could reduce the required down payment to as little as 5%.














• Must have down payment of 20%* of the purchase price – qualifies for extended 30 year amortization
• Fair credit history is the lowest most lenders will consider
• Good and above credit history – beneficial in negotiating a lower interest rate
• Must demonstrate that you have enough income to meet the obligations of the mortgage
• Provide your two most recent years – notice of assessment (NOA)
• Provide your two most recent years – T1 General

* If you don’t have 20% down payment in the form of savings there are other options, including taking equity from other investment properties, or through a joint venture with a partner or sibling. You could also get financing through RRSPs or private lenders. We can help you find the financing you need through our many private lenders.

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Real Estate Investment Performance Review

Whether you’re a novice investor or a well-established owner of multiple properties, we perform an annual review of your real estate portfolio to help you understand how your investment properties have performed. Interest rates may have dropped, property values may have increased, better mortgage options may be available, or your personal situation may have changed. The annual check-up is a perfect time to reassess all factors and consider if it’s worth refinancing in order to save you money. In some cases, it may also include qualifying for additional investment properties to grow your investment portfolio, building wealth. Looking out for your best interest is embedded in all we do.

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