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City Life Article
Why mortgage brokers deliver so much more
By intouch
February 20, 2019


You’ve just found your ideal property and your offer was accepted — now you need a mortgage. Will you qualify? Qualification is the greatest challenge facing buyers today as the new Stress Test rules continue to put great pressure on all buyers, including buyers with good income and plenty of equity.

When people need a mortgage, in most cases they go to their bank, but banks are limited and can only offer you their own mortgage products and rates. In contrast, mortgage brokers such as the team at InTouch Mortgage Solutions work with a wide range of lenders including banks, credit unions, alternative lenders and private lenders. They understand each lenders’ products and lending criteria, so they do the comparison work to find the most suitable options with the best mortgage terms and rate for your situation — saving you money.

Under the direction of Enza Venuto, Principal Broker with over 45 years of experience, this award-winning team is making waves and redefining the value that mortgage brokers deliver. They provide sound advice to help clients avoid costly mistakes. They continue to raise the bar on customer service and have garnered an exceptional reputation with lenders, lawyers, realtors and most importantly with their clients.